Friday, September 27, 2013

Pool adds UV filtration, locker rooms improve and spin room complete

A few areas of the DRC are still under construction and major progress is being made daily.  One of the improvements happening in the pool area is not visible to most visitors, but will be a huge benefit to anyone using the indoor pool.

The DRC is in the process of added a UV Filtration System, which will offer many benefits including:
  • A safer and more pleasant water environment
  • Clear, bright and sparkling water
  • Fresh, clean air with significantly reduced chlorine smell
  • Eliminates ‘Red Eye’ and skin irritations by reducing chloramines
How does a UV filtration system work?
UV filtration is housed in the pool's filter room and consists of a high powered ultra violet light encased in a compartment that pool water passes through (see photo of the DRC's new filtration device below). As the water flows through this UV compartment, it is bombarded with a high intensity germicidal ultraviolet ray that destroys waterborne pathogens, including algae, bacteria, cysts, and viruses. The highly concentrated electromagnetic energy destroys organic matter and eliminates the formation of dangerous chlorine by-products called chloramines that commonly lead to red, stinging eyes, skin irritations, asthma and allergies. In addition to the health issues that can be caused by chloramines, pool area equipment also disintegrates when subject to prolonged chloramine exposure, as is typical in an indoor pool environment. 

The DRC's UV Filtration Device

The DRC's UV filtration system control panel

Will the DRC indoor pool still use chlorine with the addition of the UV filtration system?
Yes, chlorine will still be used, but a dramatically reduced amount.  The chlorine smell that is associated with indoor pools will be significantly reduced with the addition of the UV filtration system.

The DRC feels very confident that the new UV filtration system will be a great addition to the indoor pool and out pool patrons will enjoy the improved air and water quality.

For those who utilize the pool area there will be many other noticeable improvements, including a new desk area for swim instructors and lifeguards.

Many have noticed and commented that they really like the new exterior windows that have been installed in the pool area.  The windows allow more natural lighting into the pool and an added benefit of a natural view of the outdoors for those using the fitness center.

view from the fitness center

One of the most frequent suggestions made by fitness center and track users was the need for a second level restroom.  The renovation project was able to construct new restrooms on the second floor, which are now open.

New hands free sinks located in the second level restrooms

On the first level of the DRC the locker rooms are getting their major overhaul.  From new tile to new lockers, the locker rooms will be just as impressive as the other completed areas of the DRC.

For those who prefer a good workout on a spin bike, you have probably already enjoyed the improved spin room, with new ceiling fans, an 80" flat screen TV, new sound system and improved lighting.

The remodel project is still on schedule and the locker rooms and pool are anticipated to be completed by October 14th.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The end is near - September construction update

The Derby Recreation Center renovation continues and the progress is unveiling itself one room at a time.

The pool continues to undergo extensive upgrades.  As seen in the photo above, a new drop ceiling will support clouds (panels that assist with acoustics) and new lighting.
An new addition being installed that will never be seen by pool patrons is a UV water filtration system.  This UV system removes chloramines from the air in the pool area and is the ultimate purification process for pool water.
The scheduled date for the pool to be re-filled is October 7th , with the pool opening for public use on October 14th.

Exterior windows of the pool are also being completely replaced with double pane solar ban glazed windows.  This high efficiency glass will have a bronze tint from the outside but still have some ability to see through.

The locker rooms are getting a major facelift, with new wall tile, counters and new flooring. The locker rooms are scheduled to be reopened at the same time as the indoor pool, October 14th.
While the locker rooms on the first floor are closed, the newly added restroom on the second floor is now open and ready for use.  This has been a long time request from patrons of the fitness center and walking track.  Request granted!
In the hallway near the locker rooms, the Spin Room is also completed and bikes have been returned to the DRC from the OAC where they had been temporarily located.  At the moment, access to the Spin Room is a bit difficult, but as we know, construction is temporary and will be out of the way soon.

The concrete work at the entrance of the DRC looks flawless the addition of landscaping will be a welcome splash of nature and color.  The landscaping and irrigation should be in place by mid October.

As always, we appreciate your patience through the mess that construction makes.  We know that this temporary inconvenience will be worth the final results!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July construction update - big changes on the horizon

The DRC renovation project has made great strides over the past few weeks.  The Center is really starting to take shape and the finished product is starting to become more apparent.

A view of the entryway from the front doors

A construction worker looks at the new welcome desk in the entryway
A view of the balcony located at the top of the
new staircase just inside the front entrance
Blue accent canopies hang overhead in the entryway

A decorative soffit located in one of the new activity studios

Work continues on the expanded fitness center

New BAF air circulation unit located on the walking track

Stamped concrete plaza
New Kid Zone outdoor play structure

For those who are looking forward to when the Center is expected to be complete, here is the revised construction timeline (subject to change, of course):

Aug 5 – DRC staff will begin moving items into the newly renovated front area of the Center
              (lobby, activity studios, Kid Zone, new control desk)
Aug 5 – Indoor Pool closes for renovation

Aug 12 – Move complete. Entrance, lobby, Kid Zone and Activity Studios opens to the public.
Aug 12 – Locker rooms will be closed

Aug 17-18 – Fitness Center equipment will be moved to the expanded Fitness Center area
                      (formerly the Activity Studio)
Aug 18 – Expanded Fitness Center open to the public

Aug 26 – 2nd Floor Restroom complete

Sept 9-14 – Showcase Classes will be held in new Activity Studios (FREE)

Sept 16 - Fall Session classes begins (spin room open)

Oct 7 – Pool fill begins

Oct 14 – Pool and Locker Rooms re-open to the public
Oct 14 - Water classes begin

Nov 4 – Staff offices complete

Nov 16 - DRC Open House

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June progress

The renovation project continues to be on schedule and progress is more an more visible each day.

On Tuesday, June 18 the floor for a second story restroom took shape above the studio which formerly housed the spin room.  Workers created a suspended floor with iron supports and created the room when the concrete floor was poured.

The concrete for the second story restroom was pumped
through a second story window
Concrete workers smooth out the new floor in the future second floor restroom

The interior of the Center is beginning to see more detailed finishes.  The lights have been added to the front door entryway.

The floors in the Activity Studios are in the process of being finished.

The Yoga Studio floor finish has a slightly different look
than the two Activity Studios

The DRC Kids Zone will have an outdoor playground.  Before the playground structure is installed on the east patio, permanent fencing will be put in place.

If the project continues to stay on schedule, the week of July 22 will be the date when the majority of the remodeled DRC areas will be opened to the public.  This includes the expanded fitness center, a new entryway, and three new activity studios (located on the main level).

The indoor pool will be open through the month of July, but beginning July 29th, the indoor pool will close for renovations.  The pool is expected to reopen in early October.  For those who enjoy aquatic classes, the outdoor pool at Rock River Rapids will remain open for a 5 week mini session from July 29-August 31.  A complete list of those classes can be viewed at

During this same timeframe the locker rooms will also be closed for remodeling.  The locker rooms are also expected to reopen in early October.

And finally, mark your calendars for the DRC's Be Our Guest Open House on Saturday, November 16th.   There will be tours, giveaways and activities for the family.  More details will be released as time draws nearer.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Parking lot progression

As expected, the parking lot now has fencing through the midsection as construction crews proceed with the upgrades custom designed for both functionality and beauty.

Preparations for the sidewalk concrete pour

Red tubing is the radiant heating system that will prevent ice
Concrete sidewalk curing

As the parking lot renovations have progressed many have asked what the final project will look like.  Below is the architectural drawing of the project along with a preliminary artistic rendering (modifications have been made since the rendering was developed, so the final project will be a bit different).
As you can see, the final product will be beautiful while adding pedestrian safety to the parking lot.
Expect the fencing to be removed from the majority of the parking lot within the next week or so.  And keep your eyes peeled for the improvements taking place in front of the building.  Visible changes will continue for the next month.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DRC Temporary Fitness Center - video tour

Take a virtual tour of the DRC Fitness Center by clicking here.

Fitness Center moved - Gym gets new lighting

The fitness center has moved!

Sunday night after the center was closed, DRC staff and associates from Mid States Fitness moved every piece of cardio equipment, fixed weights and the free weights, to the newly completed section of the remodeled fitness center.

Vacated area of the fitness center, now being remodeled to be
the future expanded fitness area.

Once completed, the expanded fitness center will be twice the size of the current temporary space.  With that in mind, the amount of equipment located in this reduced space makes for cramped quarters.


To alleviate some of the space issues, several pieces of cardio equipment have been temporarily relocated in alcoves around the track.

We appreciate you understanding as the remodel has definitley taken a toll on the current experience in the fitness center. We recognize that the current set up is not ideal and we also look forward to the near future (estimated for July) when the fitness center will be twice the current size and space will be ample!

In addition to the displacement of fitness equipment, the gyms will also have some restricted access over the next couple of weeks.  The lighting in the gym is being upgraded to a more vibrant light source which will be dramatic once completed.  Until then, individual lights will be replaced and during those times, sections of the gym will be closed to accomodate the lifts and equipment required to reach the ceiling.

If you prefer a more spacious fitness center, use the Oaklawn Activity Center which is located on Clifton just south of 47th Street and K15.  The OAC has all new equipment, free weights and plenty of space for your workout.